Exploring Coffee Excellence: KKN Tempura Collaborates with International Researchers in Tempur Village

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EdukratifNews.com - The KKN Tempura team continues its community service program (Kuliah Kerja Nyata or KKN) by visiting a local coffee producer in Tempur Village, accompanied by researchers from the Netherlands (3/8). Tempur Village has long been renowned for its high-quality coffee commodity.

Mr. Nur Sholihin is one of the owners of a Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise (MSME) engaged in coffee production.

The MSME is branded as "Pak Nur Sholihin" under the name "Our Coffee." This branding has become a well-known coffee brand beyond Tempur Village.

The KKN Tempura IPMAFA team, along with Dutch researchers, visited Mr. Nur Sholihin's residence to delve into the details of Tempur Coffee production.

He explained that there are several types of coffee in Tempur Village, including Arabica and Robusta coffee.

The KKN Tempura team and the Dutch researchers were given the opportunity to taste the pure flavor of coffee from selected beans, which are harvested when their skin is still red, a practice commonly referred to by Tempur coffee farmers as "Petik Merah" or "Red Harvest."

Mr. Nur Sholihin mentioned that the "Petik Merah" coffee harvesting process takes a considerable amount of time, as it requires manual selection, meaning the beans are hand-picked.

"Petik Merah" coffee harvesting is a method popularized by Mr. Nur Sholihin and has been confirmed by other Tempur coffee farmers.

The purpose of "Petik Merah" is to obtain a distinct and delightful flavor from the coffee, different from the standard harvesting methods, thereby increasing the coffee's market value.

Until now, "Petik Merah" harvesting remains the common approach employed by the majority of coffee farmers in Tempur Village.

Reporter: M. Irfan Maulana, Chairman of KKN Tempura
Editor: Ibn Taufiq, Member of KKN Tempura

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